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Taking Payments Online

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Merchant Accounts

You can take payments online via your booking system account with us. The quickest and often cheapest option is PayPal or our optional Stripe module.

But if you process a very large number of transactions then an Internet Merchant Account linked to one of our supported payment gateways such as WorldPay and SagePay, could be a better option.

An Internet merchant account from a bank is a great way to take payments online.


What is a Merchant Account?

What is a Merchant Account

A merchant account is a special account from a bank that lets you accept payments from debit/credit cards.

A Merchant account actually only accepts payments over the phone or in person. If you want to take payments online then you would need an Internet Merchant account.

Merchant and Internet Merchant accounts are obtained from a bank. However on it's own an Internet Merchant account won't do the actual card processing - for this you need something called a payment gateway.

Often banks have their own payment gateways which they charge extra for or you can use an independent company for your payment gateway such as WorldPay and SagePay. 

The online booking system has optional modules to connect to the following card processing gateways:


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Getting started with merchant account


Getting started

The first step is aquiring an Internet Merchant Account. You may find your own business bank provides these but you can use another UK bank if you prefer - in fact it's always good to shop round for better rates.

Before you sign any agreements with a bank contact us and we'll advise if it'll integrate with the booking system.

You also need a payment gateway. We recommend using WorldPay as they are reliable and cost effective. When you sign up for an Internet Merchant account make sure you let the bank know you'll be using a 3rd party payment gateway.

Contact us to find out more.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Merchant Accounts

Advantages and disadvantages of merchant accounts

Merchant accounts can also work out cheaper - especially if you have a number of properties.  Transaction fees are generally slightly lower when customers pay by debit card, compared to PayPal or Stripe's fees.

The disadvantages is there is no guarantee the bank will accept your application.  Applications are also very complex and time consuming.  You can also actually find rates are higher than Stripe or PayPal - so it's worth shopping round for your merchant account.

Additionally, whereas with Stripe and PayPal you get your money fairly quickly, many banks withhold money for a set period of time as security.  The amounts and time with vary radically from bank to bank and between individual customers.

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Our Currently Supported Merchant Options

Stripe Logo
Stripe Payments

Like PayPal Stripe are a payment gateway combined with an Internet Merchant Account - so you won't need to contact a bank to set up a Merchant Account.

Very easy to set up and use for both you and your customers. Also the application process is much, much easier and quicker than applying for a Merchant Account.

Stripe's fees are considerably lower than PayPal's - see for their current fees.

We charge a small additional yearly fee for the Stripe module upgrade on the booking system. See our Optional Additional Charges page.




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