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SMS Booking Alerts*

SMS booking alerts

Avoid double bookings with SMS
booking alerts

Be alerted of new bookings even when away from your PC with a SMS message to your mobile phone - helps avoid double bookings.

As well as receiving a booking alert email you can also opt to have a SMS message sent to your mobile phone. No longer do you have to be tied to your PC to find out about bookings.

This feature significantly reduces any risks of double bookings.  Anywhere you have mobile reception an SMS message of a new booking arrives in 3 - 5 seconds on average.

You can also choose to have other users alerted by email or SMS of new bookings.**

Standard accounts include 25 free initial SMS credits to get you started and Premium accounts include 50 free initial SMS credits. More SMS alerts can be bought from as little as 14p per alert.

If you have a smartphone or tablet PC you'll find our mobile booking admin "App"* lets you manage bookings via your phone or tablet.

* Standard and Premium accounts only
** Premium account only