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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've a question about our system check out our answers to common questions below or contact us for further assistance.


Customising the design

Taking Payments

Security and Reliability


How do I add the booking system to my website?

There's no software to install or any complex set up - just get your web designer to add a hyperlink or button from your website to the online booking pages.  We're happy to speak to them to provide guidance.  There's also a help guide they can read - click here to view the guide.

What pages are available to link to?

We provide a number of pages related to online booking including availability calendar, tariff page, special offer page and a search page.  For more detailed information on the pages available click here.

Will the pages work with any web site hosting?

Yes they work with virtually any website - no special hosting is required and no software to install on your website.

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Customising the design

How closely can the customising match my website?

Our system is very flexible and will enable your designer to closely match your website logos and colours so that your branding is maintained. 

If you opt for us to do a standard customisng then we will carefully match your site logo and colours. Its very important to maintain branding which is why we take such care over the customising. Elements such as your menus and other page elements are not included within a normal customising. If you need a more advanced customised please contact us. To find out more about customised booking pages click here.

What is involved for my web designer doing the customising?

Its important that they have a good understanding of RAW HTML code and of CSS. If your web designer is not confident in these areas we can undertake the work for you and then give your web designer details so they can make final edits. For more information please click here.

Do you provide help and support with web design questions if our designer customises the pages?

Unfortunately due to the complexity of web design we can't provide your designer with help with web design issues. If they are not confident in RAW HTML and CSS coding then having us do the customising is the better option. Once completed your designer would have full access to the files to make further changes if required.

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Taking Payments

How can I take card payments online?

Stripe is an easy way to get started taking payments online. The optional Stripe connection module is an optional extra. Stripe card processor's transaction fees are considerably lower than PayPal's, click here for more information on Stripe.

What payment options are available?

A wide range of payment options are available including Stripe, cheques and bank transfe.

Can I offer my customers multiple payment options?

Yes definitely. The booking system lets you control which payment options you wish to offer and you can have up to 6 different payment methods on one account. For details of the various payment options please click here.

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Security and Reliability

How do you ensure my data is safe?

The security and data back up procedures we have in place mean your data is probably safer on our servers than on your own PC!  Regular back ups mean in the event of problems your data is recoverable.

Is your system reliable?

We offer a 99% uptime guarantee though in fact our system reliability far exceeds that.  Its very rare for our systems to be unavailable and due to the power of our servers pages are quick to load even in busy times.

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