Online booking system software for holiday property rentals. Booking Reservation and availability calendar.


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Reduce spam*

Stop spammers getting your email address by using the "Contact Us" booking system feature on your website.

Reduce spam

Using the Contact Us feature protects you from spam

Sadly spam has become an everyday occurrence - often getting to levels so high that genuine emails are missed.

Spammers use special software to automatically scan websites for email addresses - once one is found its added to their list of people to spam.

Unfortunately once you are on one list this will spread to other spammers lists and things get out of hand.

To avoid this happening you can use the Booking Systems' contact us form - this allows customers to contact you without revealing your email address until you are sure they are genuine. It also has sophisticated spam stoppers to try and prevent spammers from using the automated form.


* Standard and Premium accounts only