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Taking Payments Online

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Easy Invoicing

Raise requests for deposit and balance payments quickly and easily with the invoicing feature of the online booking system.

Take payments online or print off and send through the post. Makes obtaining deposit and outstanding amount payments less of a chore and means payments can be made online.


Deposit and balance payments

Raise deposit and balance payments quickly and
easily via the booking system.

Raising requests for deposit and balance payments

With your online admin control panel you can generate a request for outstanding payments in just a few clicks of a button.  All your and the customers information is completed for you - you just enter the amounts and press a button to email the payment request to the customer for them to pay online.

If you prefer to do things by post you can print off an invoice and send this to your customer.


Wide range of payment options

The booking system offers a wide range of payment options for your outstanding amounts due including:


Online bank transfers

Bank Transfer

Many customers have online banking making transfers quick, easy and free.

Internet Merchant bank account


Our optional Stripe upgrade saves up to 60% on card processing fees compared to PayPal.
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Payment by cheque


Traditional but slow payment method.