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Easy arrival instruction sending*

Sending out arrival instructions to customers can be time consuming. The Premium account can do all this for you!

Easy arrival instruction sending

Send the arrival details for each of
your properties easily.

Simply enter the arrival details for each of your properties, along with any other useful additional information you wish to share. You can even include a link to Google maps showing your property’s location.

This is quick to set up, and it only needs to be done once.

Next, you can set when you want your arrival instructions to be sent. You can specify a status, for example when the booking is fully paid, and/or a time, for example two weeks prior to arrival, when the arrival instructions email should be sent to the customer.

Based on the conditions you set the customer will receive their arrival instructions via email, which you can customise. They can then log in to their customer account to view the full arrival instructions, additional information and any map link included. 

After the initial set up you don’t have to lift a finger – just sit back and let the Premium account do the work for you!


* Premium accounts only