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Choosing the Right Payment Option

The Holiday-Bookings-Online booking system offers a wide range of payment options to suit your needs.  But which payment option is the best for your business?


Payment options


The ideal payment option would be free, easy to setup, easy for customers to use and you'd receive your money instantly.

Unfortunately none of the payment options reach this level of perfection and all have their pros and cons. 


In the table below is a list of common payment options available with the booking system and their benefits and disadvantages:


  Cheque PayPal Standard Stripe PAYG Bank Transfer Online Card Processing With Merchant Account

Ease of set up

Very easy - you just need a bank account to pay cheques in to

Fairly easy.  Requires an online form to be filled in and then for your account to be validated.

Very high acceptance rate.

Stripe is fairly easy to set up

Fairly high acceptance rate - much higher than with banks.

No set up required - just a bank account.

Set up can be very complex and requires quite a lot of form filling.

Acceptance rates can be quite low - getting a merchant account can be quite challenging.

How quick is it to set up

Very - no set up required if you have a bank account

Fairly quick - allow 3 - 4 days for completion of validation

Around 7 working days 

Very quick

Depends on your bank but allow between 4 - 12 weeks


Free with personal bank accounts.  Business accounts may charged fixed fee.

Our fees:

Free of charge

No monthly fees but there is a per transaction fee which varies from 1.4% to 3.4% + 20p

Our fees:

Free of charge

Transactions fees of 1.4% + 20p for UK and European cards.



For more info.


Our fees:

Click here to see our current Stripe payment module fees.

Free for you - free for your UK based customers but some overseas customers may have to pay additional charges

Our fees:

Free of charge

Most banks charge per transaction.  Actual rates vary wildly between banks and customers - banks likely to give better rates to high turnover customers.

Low turnover (less than £100,000) customers may find transaction fees not much lower than PayPal.

Additional monthly and yearly fees charged.

Our fees:

Varies - see our optional extra costs page for details

How quickly will I receive payment

Very slow!  Reliant on the customer posting the cheque and you then paying it in to your account

Normally instant payment in to your PayPal account and then 1 - 3 days to transfer to your bank account.

PayPal's eCheques take longer but can be disabled as a payment option.

7 working days for receipt of payment

Faster payments are virtually instant. Slower bank transfer takes 3 - 4 working days.

Payment notification very quick - when you'll receive the money from the bank varies from bank to bank. Could be days or sometimes weeks or even months.

How time consuming is it for the property owner?

Very time consuming to deal with cheques

Fully automated and quick to deal with.

Fully automated and efficient.

Generally fairly easy - just requires you to check your bank balance. However sometimes bank transfers fail which can add to the time to deal with them.

Fully automated and efficient.

How easy is it for my customers?

Not at all easy as involves manually writing the cheque and envelope and posting it

Fairly easy for most customers and a PayPal account not required.

Very easy for your customers.


Slightly time consuming as they'll need to create a payment from their online banking or phone their branch.

Very easy for your customers

Other notes

Due to be withdrawn by the banks in the next 6 years.

Cheque use has dropped considerably.

The fact the customer has paid means they are serious about the booking

The fact the customer has paid means they are serious about the booking


The fact the customer has paid means they are serious about the booking


Slow, unreliable but fairly cheap - though you could lose bookings for a promised cheque that never arrives

Easy to set up and fairly automated.  Biggest downside is the costs if you are processing a lot of transactions each month.


If you have more than a few properties it's worth considering either a merchant account or Stripe.

Easy for your customers and time efficient for you.

Downside is the risk they put up their charges.

Quicker and easier than cheques and also low cost.  Not as quick and easy as PayPal or a merchant account.

Easy for your customers and time efficient for you.

Downside is the monthly fees and complexity of set up.

Probably the best method for bigger businesses but less cost effective for one property owners.

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