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Customising the design

I wanted a system that could maintain the professional look of my website and the custom page upgrade does just that.

Toby Clarke, Earl's Villa, Chester.

Take your booking system to another level with our customisable page upgrade - now your booking pages can fully match your website.  Having booking pages that match your site means customers are unaware they've left your website and means your branding is maintained.

While the standard plain booking pages look good, with the optional customisable page upgrade your booking pages can transformed to fully match you website - maintaining your branding and helping generate customer confidence.  The professional looking customisable pages help generate more online bookings.

Here's how one owner had his booking pages transformed:

Property Prices page comparison

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Choice of customising options to suit your budget

With our optional customisable page upgrade Holiday-Bookings-Online offers 3 levels of customising to meet your needs:

Level Description Costs
Default Non-Customisable Pages 10 different pre-defined colour schemes to suit your needs Included Free With All Accounts
DIY Custom Page Upgrade**

Enables your web designer to access templates and css code to be able to modify the booking pages to match your site. Customising does require good technical skills as well as web design skills.

£189 in the first year £60 per year thereafter***
Standard Customising**

Holiday-Bookings-Online does the customising work for you. We will alter the colours and font styles of the pages to match your website and add your logo to the page. Click here to see an example basic customised calendar.

£199 in the first year

£60 per year thereafter***

Other Options If you have very specific customised page requirements we can put you in touch with one of our recommended web designers who can give you a quote for your exact requirements.


* Prices are ex-vat @ 20%
** Custom page is an optional upgrade only available with Standard and Premium accounts
*** Once completed your web designer will have access to the customisable pages allowing them to make changes. Any changes you require us to do will be chargeable

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Booking System Pages

The booking system comes with a number of pages that can be customised with the optional customisable page upgrade:

Page Description Included with account type  
Availability and booking page Displays your live availability and takes online bookings Included with Basic, Standard and Premium systems View Demo
Property Tariff Page Tariff page displays the prices for your property Included with Basic, Standard and Premium systems View Demo
Availability Search Page Customers can search all of your properties for availability. Included with Standard and Premium systems with more than one property.
Premium system includes advanced search options.
View Demo
Special offer breaks page The owner administration control panel makes it easy to create and update your own special offers in just a few minutes. Included with Standard and Premium systems. View Demo
Contact us page Simple contact form for your website that reduces spam. Included with Standard and Premium systems. View Demo

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Information for web designers

The standard pages are shared among all property owners using the booking system but with the customisable page upgrade the owner gets their own separate template, CSS and image files.

All files are accessed via FTP and enable you to directly edit the HTML code of parts of the page and upload your own images and files.  The dynamically created parts of the page - such as the booking calendar - cannot have their HTML edited.  Instead you control the look and format using the CSS stylesheets.

If you're new to the booking system than allow between 6 - 8 hours for the customising process, depending on your technical experience and level of customising that you plan to do.

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